The test structure is broadly divided into four sections which is further distributed into 3 parts. The different and essential sections as mentioned above are:

FOUR SECTIONS : Listening, Reading, speaking, writing


Listening includes the objective and the subjective questions as well. For instance, multiple choice questions, gap fills, highlighting the correct paragraph etcetera.

To do: Submit synopsis of the content

Pen down the dictation

Time allowed: 45-57 minutes

Reading consists of exclusively objective type questions such as, multiple-choice, gap fill, reading and rectifying the paragraph and so forth.

To do: Rewriting the text

Time allowed: 30-40 minutes

It begins with ‘Express Yourself’. One can speak on any number of particulars such as, name; place;qualifications;family;hobbies;likes;dislikes;strength;weakness and so on.

Although this exhaustive activity does not contribute to final score, yet the data could be forwarded to prestigious universities and colleges abroad. Thus, it acts for the statement of purpose.

To do: speak fluently.

To do: link the ideas.

To do: try not to give untidy pauses.

Time Duration: 40-43 mins

Primarily, an audio clip is provided to what the examinee should respond using a microphone. Secondly, take a picture composition that includes a verbal description of images. Thirdly, read sentences, lectures talks, time and again. Apart from this, organize a piece of text in wrting.One should attempt an essay and give answers to questions, precisely.

To do: ear training

To do: learn tone and pronunciation

To do: clear sound production

To do: paraphrasing

Time Duration: 45-50 mins