TIPS and Tricks

Why train yourself?
  • To achieve the tasks in given time –frame.
  • To acquire alternate methods.
  • To device technique as per your ability.
  • To put concerted efforts and implement those time- saving tricks.
  • To practice on everyday basis and sharper your skills.
  • To follow the instructions wisely and discover clue.
  • To cover up the weak areas where in, usually, the test taker digress.
  • To prioritize the cardinal modules and the core areas.
  • To believe in your mentor and follow as instructed.
  • To take mock tests and decide on the chunks that demand attention.
  • To accompany your mentor and work on the specific question type.
  • To register for test when prepared well.
  • To continue training rather rigorous than before.
  • To carry positive attitude and motivation for the exam.
  • To avoid practice a day before the exam.